Saturday, January 26, 2008

Rosie in Da City!

Hi everyone,
I realize it’s been a while since I’ve written, but since Mom and Dad got home from Thailand, I’ve been really busy getting back on my regular schedule. You know, it’s really hard being a New York City puppy. There’s always so much to do here. In the morning, I’m so tired that Mom has to actually wake ME up to take me to the park. (I’m such a rock ‘n roll puppy dog!)

I had THE BEST time EVER in Richmond with my host family. I miss them so much, especially Edgar. Sometimes I dream of him at night and then I wake up and bark a little so that Mom and Dad wake up, too. They tell me to be quiet. Sometimes parents just don't understand puppy love. I can't wait to see all of them again.

But this weekend, I have sometime to take my mind off of Edgar. I have my very own house guest. You know Lisa B? She writes that cool blog called Lisa B in Da City and she's one of Mom’s best girl buddies. Well, she went to Texas for her birthday weekend, and left me Ally da Pup to play in our apartment UNTIL TUESDAY!

Ally got here this morning, and she and I started playing right away. I’m only on 7 pounds and Ally is MUCH bigger than me, but she’s so gentle with me, and we play great together. It’s going to be such a fun weekend. I CAN’T STAND IT!!!!

Mom gave Ally a lovely bed to sleep in and she took to it right away. Look at my pal. Doesn’t she look happy?

I keep bringing her toys to play with.
I think I’ve worn her out.

What a great weekend this is going to be!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Picture Perfect

Dear Family,
Rosie Red! This is my glamour shot. My host family thinks this is a great picture of me. Oh, the other pics are of me sitting on Edgar- he loves me.
I can't believe it but only a few days and I am Bark- I mean Back. Did you miss me? I miss you all- southern term. What did I learn on my time away?? I am bigger than my size. And big dogs are nice to little dogs and enjoy puppy scratching. Yes, Edgar loves me. Oh, I love you all.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The Green Mustache

Dear Family,
Wow!! Ten days since I write in my blog?? and in dogs years that's like 6 months!
Well, I have been very busy...and have a whole new network of friends here in the southeastern part of the country...and my host family has been so cool about me experimenting with a new look- green hair on one's upper mustache is totally bow-wow-wow. Edgar and I are best friends- really! We love each other so much. I am scratching his back right now- he loves it!
My host family haves colds right now- so we have been taking it slow today- oh, Happy New Year! It was sooo loud last night- rockets, fire-crackers, screaming, I hid under Edgar and Bridget.
I include a picture of Sunshine the kitty- he likes me now and we sleep at the end of the bed together. We loved all the holiday wrappings- rip right through them! Gotta go. Miss you all!
Petco had my records and knew exactly what to do with my look on spa day.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas Cookie Party

Dear Family,
I have new furry, mini friends- Calvin, Chippie, and Lisa. Bow-wow, did we have a ripp- roarin' time. Humping and bumping and scrapping all the way!! I am pooped!
Cookies...I don't remember any of the cookie stuff, but I remember Lisa and me running around alot. And then we played dress up-- and Lisa helped me pull off my costume- and then she ran off with it and hid it under the table. Welll, first I thought maybe it was lost forever- no luck. They found it. Then me and Cal put on just the hats and that was fun until Lisa pulled it off hid it under the table- yeah they found it again.
Most of time we played- they have a doggie door which I kept trying to leap in and out of- it reminded me of the hoop...and then I forgot the hoop trick, so I danced like no one was watching. good advice-- dance! dance! dance! Boy, am I pooped. Poo, poo sweet dreams to you,you.


Dear Family,
Yesterday we celebrated my birthday. My "cake" was turkey. Prepared by my HaMaMa.
She's in Thialand with HaDaDa. But, my host family sang Happy Birthday to me and it was a fun day.
We have started decorating and I helped! And Kendensky the cat slept next to me. And Edgar still loves me. We did dog back riding- well I jumped him while he standing by the couch and I held on for 2 seconds! Exciting! He is so nice.
Now, if you check in Tomorrow's blog is titled,-"Holiday Apparel and Dog Party"
Oh and I slept through the night!!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Meet One of the Cats

Dear Family,
OK, only Little Foot will hang out with me. Little Foot is almost 19 years old!
And she will snuggle with me. Sunshine and Kendensky- no- well sometimes Kendensky but then when I come running up to him- he runs the other direction? Any advice?
I am so nice to my cats- Fifi and Jenga- they just love me. Right?
Edgar showed me his bones and we took them out and chewed and played and then- I needed a nap. First, with Little Foot, we were helping pick out recipes from the Joy of Cooking- yummy stuff. I think I could write a doggie cook book. But, what I really need is a pooped puppy nap.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Gang

Dear Family,
Edgar (the tall dark and handsome) the wagger loves it when I nibble on his ear. Grommett (the very old and deaf one) doesn't go in for puppy love- old fashion dog.
But, Edgar loves rolling and rolicing in the field behind my host family's home.
Yesterday, I found this lovely stick- twice the size of me. I pranced about with it and then ....what happened to that stick, oh well there are many more to find.
We go walking together- in the photo I heard something and needed to see what was up and apparently that happened allot that day--so many smells and sounds...oh well there is always tomorrow to see what I can see and maybe pose for a walking picture. No promises so many things can come up at the minute to grab my attention. Bow-wow, bow-wow- I live in the now. Bow-wow. Pooped again.
--next blog, meet the cats!!